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Welcome! 👋

Hello & welcome! I'm Jimmy, a 90's teen that never really grew up. I'm an obsessive creator, an avid gamer, and dog lover. Befitting my favorite era, this is my little den on the internet (don't forget to sign my guestbook ;). Herein you will find some of my projects and a bit of an insight in to my scatterbrain (see blog). This website is first and foremost for me, it serves as a little diary which gives me a bit of record of the stuff I was up to many moons ago!

Analogue & digital gaming

Gaming is one of my cornerstones, probably as I find non-interactive activities pretty boring! I love table top gaming as a way of gathering friends and family around a table and having a great joint experience (feel free to connect on BoardGameGeek). I love to design board games and I've dabbled with video game development too. I'm a passionate gamer although I don't get much time for video games these days but I remain a die hard Nintendo fan-boy.

Coding & technology

You can find my public projects over on my Github profile. I'm always creating something new! My main language is Dart, I'm in love with the Flutter framework. I'm also trying to level up my Rust skills. I'm a big fan of serveless technology and my preferred backend is Google Cloud.

Creative arts

I always some creative endeavour on the go, you can check out the gallery to see some of the things I've made. Some of the mediums include getting messy with clay doing ceramics, playing around with my tablet creating digital art and making a mess with oil paints. I also enjoy to practice yoga and I usually get involved with the Inktober challenge!

My work & apps

I run a small independant company called Rocketware. Head over to the apps page for more information!

About this site

This site has been lovingly created in markdown and generated by Zola -a wonderfully simple Rust based static site generator. My theme is Inky and published on github. The site is also hosted on Github pages and generated in a Github action.