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04May 12

BBC Click features my Letter Bubbles game

Part of the 🫧 Letter Bubbles project.

BBC Click featuring Letter Bubbles

When I got back from a two week holiday in Cuba I noticed a big spike of traffic to my Letter Bubbles game coming from the BBC Click website. It turns out they featured my game in an educational edition of webscape! The show was broadcast on May 4th 2012.

Kate Russell on BBC Click demonstrating Letter Bubbles

As a big fan and regular viewer of BBC Click it's great to see my game on the show. Luckily I have it series linked so was able to watch on the big screen via my Sky+. Head over to the BBC Click archive to view the episode and jump to 2:45 to get straight to LetterBubbles. A huge thanks to Kate Russell (pictured) for the great feature.