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08Jul 22

Building a sticker app in 5 days

Part of the 🦄 Stickers project.

During London Pride I had a great selfie with some friends but the photo was spoilt by something in the foreground. I thought I'll add a stiker over part of the photo so I turned to the Goolge play store to find an app. I quickly found that I was spoilt for choice but they were almost all terrible. Despite their quality the download numbers were mindblowing, some of the apps had tens of millions of downloads! I found one app doing it well but it they were trying to push me in to a £38.99 p/year subscription! Who would pay that to stick some stickers on photos!


The following day, on the very long & hungover jouney home, I set myself a challenge to try and build a sticker app by the time I got home. As we pulled in to my home city I had managed to create an app with very basical functionality of being able to drag some stickers around the screen, and I had decided on a name: Sticker Party. Armed with my prototype and inspired by the crazy download numbers I decided to give myself a week to have the app finished and launched.

I worked like a trooper that week and on the 5th day I had the app submitted to the app store! My USP was I would offer really high quality stickers (hand picked by me and all vectors so super sharp no matter the zoom level). I would also differentiate myself in pricing - I would make all my stickers available for free however in free mode you get a Sticker Party logo at the bottom right. To remove this and unlocked the high quality export mode would be a one-time fee of £2.99, pay once & own forever. I'm sick of every app under ths sun trying to get me in to monthly subscription. I figured an retro buy to own model would be refeshingly modern, lol.

Sticker Party logo

I've got a load of improvements I want to make, and I need to add tons of stickers. I'll be continuing the app as a litle hobby project on evenings and weekends. My goal is to have a genuine sale by the end of next month. I'll try to remeber to write another post with how that went later!

You can download Sticker Party on Google Play and on the Apple App Store. Please help get the ball rolling and give it a good rating! 😉