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20Jun 23

Creating a pride collection for 2023

Jimmy's pride collection

Every year I buy at least one new pride top to wear. Me and my hubby usually do 2-3 prides each year and I always struggle to find something that I really like so this year I came up with my own designs! Check out all my designs over the gallery and if you like them go buy yourself something in my little Redubbule store!

The collection of designs is all based around the pink triangle and the word LOVE. In case you don't know the pink triangles were used in concentration camps to identify gay men. It's since been reclaimed as a symbol of resilience and love.

LOVE pride 2023 graphic by Jimmy

This is the main design from the collection.

  • L is a triangle filled with the pride colours including the black and brown representing people of colour. Each colour is represented equally.
  • O is a perfect cricle with an inner purple circle outline. This represents the Intersex flag, yellow and purple are colours considered free from gender associations and the circle's represent wholeness and completeness.
  • V is the Pink Triangle, as explained above this symbol comes from dark history now reclaimed as a symbol of love and resilience. It also is a good reminder for us all not to forget our history so not to make the same mistakes again.
  • E is represented by three horizontal lines in the Transgender pride colours (Blue, Pink and White). Three lines horizontal lines is the scientific equality symbol. This symbolises equality for Trans lives and Trans rights.

I hope you like the designs, and if you do you can buy them over at Redbubble! (If anyone knows of a Redbubble alternative I'd be very keen to hear of it!)