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05Aug 22

Making Pride badges

I wanted to buy some progressive pride badges for this years pride so I turned to Etsy. I was pretty surprised at how much people were charging for them; £3.50 for a single badge. So classic me, I bought a badge making press!

Look at all my lovely badges!

I've had an awsome time desining and making loads of different badges! I was concious of not wanting to generate landfill so sourced eco-friendly components. Unlike most other badges, these use 100% degradable clear PLA disks over the artwork rather than conventional (cheaper) mylar plastic discs -which never degrade! The badge backs are also non-plastic, I use an all metal back and D-pin fastenings. The badge making machine I bought and the components used all are sourced from a UK manufacturer (at a premium vs China) to reduce the carbon footprint.

My Etsy badges

I've even setup a little Etsy store! Although I'm not sure how long this will last once the novely wears off as I have quite enough projects on the go at the moment! 😅