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06Jul 23

Next generation dating apps are live

Part of the 💞 Dating project.

App Store Apps ready for sale!

🎉 Today Apple have approved my final app which means Rocketware's next generation dating apps are now live across both Google Play and Apple Store! 🥳

It's a big milestone for me. These are the apps that I've built the business on and over the last decade they've been used by millions of LGBTQI+ people worldwide. The new apps offer an experience that is more modern, inclusive and maintainable. Hopefully these new apps will provide an equally solid foundation for the business over the next decade.

App store screenshots

Here's a sample of the new app store screenshots for the Only Women brand:

Only Women app screenshots

What's the next milestone?

In the short term I'll be continuing to refine the new app experience and expand the customer service tools and systems. I also have a rather innovative marketing project that's ready to go live that involves AI. I hope it will drive traffic to the new apps. I'll be launching it as soon as I get the necessary API access -although when that will be it out of my control!

The next major milestone is retiring the legacy dating platform 'Datingnode'. The dating web sites built on this platform are still running and they continue to be profitable so it will be some time before I'm ready to fully turn them off. It will be great when I can turn the servers off as when that's done, I will have fully transitioned to the next chapter of my dating services and fully embraced the all cloud future!