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24Dec 23

Elphie pulling Santa's sleigh!

Part of the Christmas Cards series. Medium: Digital.

This year I went for a bit of a different style. As I've been working on my black and white art for my board games I figured I'd get some practice in. This concept for this card came one evening and I managed to get the drawing done in a couple of hours. We had the cards printed on decent quality recycled card and they looked really good however I totally forgot to take a photo of the finished card! 🤦‍♂️ If I come across one in the future I'll try to remember to snap it and update this post! 😅


Once again Neil came up with a great poem for the inside! 🎄


This year we're supporting: The British Red Cross. I reused a little sketch of us at Filey Bay from this years Inktober!